BodyTalk is a healthcare system based on dynamics systems theory, quantum physics, and consciousness. Completely non-invasive in its nature, BodyTalk falls under the category of energy therapy or consciousness-based medicine. BodyTalk is strongly rooted in the physiology of Western medicine, combined with thousands of years of knowledge of Eastern Medicine, and the latest findings in quantum physics.

The BodyTalk System operates under the premise that when the various parts of the body-mind are communicating, the body can heal itself. Every cell in our body needs to be in constant (energetic) communication with every other cell to be able to perform its job dynamically and properly. Well, why wouldn’t our bodies be communicating if that is what it’s designed to do? STRESS- All kinds of stress–  Physical (injuries, strain), emotional, environmental (the air we breathe, toxins, radiation, etc), situational (relationships, jobs), even the food we eat can be a large cause of stress in our bodies.

The body can’t heal or connect to that which it does not “see” clearly, so the role of the BodyTalk practitioner is to be a conduit to bring awareness to issues, situations, or connections the body may be missing because it is stressed out. BodyTalk works on ALL levels of the body-mind, which combine to form your picture of health– from cells, tissues, organs, endocrines, and body-parts, to chakras, meridians, belief systems, past emotional experiences, stored emotions in the body, environmental factors, and more. Everything going on within us is connected – we can’t look at what’s going on physically as disconnected from how we are feeling spiritually, or what is happening around us. The cause of our symptoms is usually a combination of all of these factors, which is what makes the system completely holistic. After all, we are living beings in a stressful and dynamic world- not a vacuum.

Asking Innate Wisdom

A BodyTalk practitioner does not diagnose and treat, but rather consults your innate body intelligence to find out what your priorities are for healing. Everybody who is alive has an innate healing intelligence (even if it seems out of balance). When we cut our finger or catch a cold, our body knows just what to do to recover. This is our body’s innate intelligence taking over. The BodyTalk practitioner uses neuromuscular biofeedback and intuition to connect into your innate intelligence then asks an elaborate series of questions in order to get at specific information needed to implement whatever balancing is going to be helpful for you in that moment.

Implementation of the balancing is mostly through hand positions, intention of the practitioner and light tapping over your head and heart. The tapping helps create an energetic interference in your body’s brain and heart electrical fields, bringing about awareness and change. Once your body’s intelligence has a new understanding, connections are either repaired or formed and lasting change can occur.

The Healing Process

In listening to your body’s wisdom, we also respect that there is an ORDER in which the body naturally wants to heal. BodyTalk is very gentle and will never force you to shift or change anything that you cannot handle. If something comes up in a session, then it is ready and capable of improvement, without causing any major healing crisis. While, I would love to just come in and “fix” a bothersome issue for a client, I understand that if you aren’t ready, or we haven’t done other balances to lay the groundwork first,  a) with Bodytalk, it wouldn’t take and b) in another modality where you could force it, it could send you into a healing crisis.  BodyTalk is gentle and goes at the pace your body dictates. 

Each BodyTalk session builds on the next, like unraveling a messy knot. Some issues can be cleared up permanently by one simple connection and other more complex issues will need to be worked through layer by layer as those typically have the most factors that are contributing to them.  Some issues we think are complex, end up being quite simple, while some simple ones end up being more complex.  Sometimes our whole lives have to change (internally, externally or both) in order for our symptoms to disappear and healing then becomes an exciting journey of discovery and uncovering. 

Image copyright K. Atkins and L. Hames, The BodyTalk Center