Sessions last about an hour, but can be shorter or longer depending on what is needed. During a session, you lie fully clothed on a massage table while the practitioner gently touches your hand or wrist as a tool for neuro-muscular biofeedback (form of muscle checking). The practitioner asks an elaborate series of questions to pin point specific areas within the body-mind that are priorities for healing.  Once a formula for healing is identified, the practitioner “taps out” the formula by gently tapping over your head and heart.  There is some body contact during a session, but there is little physical manipulation as the BodyTalk practitioner uses mostly energy and intention to help make a “shift.”

Energetically, the tapping creates a standing wave/interference in the the body’s energy patterns, catalyzing the change to take place as dictated by the formula and storing it.  The identification of priorities specific to you, the communication with the body’s innate healing intelligence, and the intention of the practitioner is what causes the body-mind to shift toward balance.  In the end, your body does the healing work and the practitioner acts as a guide. Each session builds on the one before, as there is an order in which the body wants to heal.

Anything can come up into a session from the physiological- (organs, tissues, endocrines, bodyparts/systems)– to our bodies subtler energies (chakras and meridians), to stored emotions in the body, life situations, past life energies and hereditary energies.

Results almost always include an increased sense of well being, and after that will vary based on what your particular issues are.  Healing often happens immediately on the table, or sometimes needs anywhere from an hour to a few weeks after a session to go into the deeper levels of shifting.

BodyTalk has a cumulative effect and over time we start to notice that our body responds better to stress and we become more in tune to what it needs.