Jackie Sokol has been instrumental in assisting me (and my young daughter) to shift out of places of dis-ease, stress, and pain on all levels.  In both in-person and remote sessions, she has seemingly magically transformed my body’s signals of major discomfort to ease and spaciousness, often within one session, where other practitioners of various specialties have been stymied.  She has saved me time and money with her expertise and precision, time and time again.  I often refer my closest friends and colleagues to her, knowing they will be blessed by her skills, wisdom, compassion, and grace.   As an long-time energy medicine practitioner myself, I am extremely selective and only allow the best practitioners to work on me or my family members. A session with Jackie is indeed a rare boon to body, mind and spirit–priceless! – Cheryl “froxy” Frocz”


Jackie is an incredibly intuitive and capable practitioner as well as a sincere and supportive person. There have been so many times Jackie has tapped into something key going on in my life and in my body right when I am thinking about it. In fact, during one session she randomly brought up a scar on my left foot that pushed me to go to a doctor and I ended up getting surgery on something it turns out I had needed for a while! I come out of every session feeling energized and reconnected and would recommend anybody interested in BodyTalk go to Jackie!” – Nadia T.


I’ve been seeing Jackie Sokol once or twice a month for the last two years and I am a different person because of it. Her intuitive skills are extraordinary and her knowledge is vast. Jackie is truly a holistic healer, considering anatomy, spirit, mind, stars, fact and imagination. Surprised by the changes I felt happening within, I returned at first just to see what would happen next. After reading the BodyTalk introductory book I had a deeper appreciation of how it all works. It makes sense. Practical, logical sense. I can’t recommend Jackie and BodyTalk highly enough. – Carl J. Danielsen 


I have seen Jackie for over four years, sometimes weekly and sometimes much more sporadically.  I have practically crawled to her office at times.  Jackie is a key player in my inner circle of trusted and highly competent practitioners.  If you have never done Body Talk, you should, and you should see Jackie.  She has helped me immensely to face the world, myself, and she gives my true self the outlet it needs to benefit from multiple healing modalities she employs without my false self getting in the way, i.e. my really over active mind.  Jackie is a gentle, extremely gifted, generous, and insightful soul.  If you are an over stressed New Yorker, business owner, woman, or any other human being really, you will find benefit from seeing Jackie. – Nadia J.


“If you haven’t experienced BodyTalk, you’re missing out! Seriously changed my life.” Jackie brings warmth, compassion, wisdom, and a masterful intuition to every BodyTalk session. BodyTalk with Jackie is an opportunity to recalibrate my inner world, creating a more dynamic, balanced, aligned experience of the outer world. It is truly a transformative practice. –Erika O.


Working with Jackie has been absolutely wonderful, and I’m so grateful that she’s been there to help me work through some stressful times. She is a very talented BodyTalk practitioner, as well as an incredibly kind, generous and warm person. I always leave my sessions feeling calm, light and centered. I can’t recommend her enough! – Laura E


Working with Jackie has facilitated some of the most important changes I’ve made, and in areas that seemed and felt completely immovable and impossible before.  I will share one of these.  I had struggled and felt trapped in a very difficult family relationship for most of my life.  It had great deleterious effects in my academic, professional, and personal life, on my sense of self, and my ability to feel joy.  After some work with Jackie, I became able to stand up to this person when needed, create healthier boundaries with her, as well as others, and in many ways break free from the beliefs and habits surrounding the cause of the issue which weren’t serving me anymore.  The result of all of this led me to move and start a life clear across the country where I had been wanting to live for years, but hadn’t been able to until then, break away from my past enough to do. Also, being able to be with the man I love due to the move, is the icing on the cake.

On top of how transformational the results are, it is an added bonus and in fact what puts me at ease in the first place, when we go deep to work on some of the most vulnerable and difficult issues, is that I feel that Jackie genuinely cares about me and my progress.  I feel I am in good hands.

Moreover, she is often in awe of and curious about what my body has to teach us, she is humble.  She is humble and skillful — a killer combination.  I am grateful to Jackie for her dedication and for all of the changes she has helped come to fruition. – Victoria


“Seriously, seriously amazing!” I hadn’t had much experience with energy work before meeting with Jackie, but a good friend recommended her services so I made an appointment to see what BodyTalk was like. I showed up for my first session unsure what to expect, but by the end of the hour, I had laughed, cried and felt like I pushed past emotional blocks that had been in place for decades. Over a year later, I’m still hooked! Thanks so much, Jackie.  -Emily N


Jackie is an amazing healer. Just after a few sessions I discovered how to listen to my body and take my feelings more seriously. Today I feel more mental strength, which guides me to where I want to be in my life. I feel optimistic every day and experience the results of it right away. To work with Jackie is an exciting journey.  -Peter K.


Dear Jackie,

Thank you for your remarkable work. The changes that I am noticing are huge. There is a sense of peacefulness in my body and attitude toward it that I have not touched for many, many years. I really look forward to continuing our work together when I am back in the Big Apple. For the time being, I am so grateful to have had your support, kindess and wisdom at a very challenging moment. I had and exquisite and perfect last day in NYC 🙂

Much respect, warmth, and energy,  J.K.


“Our last session was so powerful. I have been flooded with tears. I feel like a protective layer or filter has been lifted. I feel so much closer to my emotions, they feel so much easier to access. In turn I feel closer to others emotions and it feels good rather than overwhelming.  I AM LOVING THIS PROCESS! I am so grateful for Bodytalk and so grateful for your work….our work. Thank you Jackie.”  Tessa


“Jackie! Thank you so much for yesterday- HUGE difference today and I don’t know what I’d do without you! X”  N.J.


“Our session the other day was such a beautiful moment in my life.  You are so gifted at what you do.”  Denise


I have always been a little wary of non-traditional medicine; however, I recently went through a very stressful time, and finally thought, “Hey, try anything once, right?”

I am so glad I did. From the very beginning, Jackie did everything in her power to put me at ease, explaining every step in the process and asking if I felt comfortable with everything from the soft music she played, to the light in the room, to the aromatic oils she was using. Jackie is a very warm, positive person, and the importance she places on communication puts you immediately at ease. This also made the transition from speaking to her to letting her “listen” to my body that much easier, as I was already made to feel very comfortable in her presence.

The session itself required very little of me – basically, you lie there and let her (literally) “tap in” to what’s going on in your body – and I have to admit that I did feel some relief, and some of the tension untied, when I left. I saw a close friend right after the session and she, without knowing where I’d been, immediately said, “Wow, you look so relaxed and glowing! Did you get a really good night’s sleep last night?”

Skeptic no more! I can’t wait to schedule my next sessions.  – Maayan


“Just to let you know I felt so much better after I left you. Still do. My energy feels right and I can walk around without the fatigue.  Thank you!!! I’m also happy!” –  Carolyn


“I dont want to bother you during weekend but I will to just say THANK YOU. Thank you, as i was able to sleep very well last night- makes all the difference and thank you for creating a safe place of healing- I look forward to our next session – much love” – J.T.


“Jackie’s gentle way of being led to an amazing session. I was amazed at how much information she retrieved to help me work through my own blocks. Thank you.” – Alexandra


“I love my sessions with Jackie. They are always relaxing, and she addresses every issue I need to have addressed. I never feel there is any judgement, just complete professionalism.” – P.L.


“Jackie is wonderful. This is my third BodyTalk session and I really felt a marked improvement. She suggested that it might take 24 hours for my particular condition to change, but within 3 hours I felt back to normal. It’s hard to describe what BodyTalk is, but it works!” – Sue


BodyTalk has been an incredible experience for me. Jackie Sokol has facilitated the BodyTalk sessions I’ve been to and has amazed me with her ability to tune into what my body is saying and to help me make changes and respond to my body for the better. One of our sessions in particular stands out to me because of the overwhelming vibrancy I felt during and after the session. Through BodyTalk she has been able to identify very specific problems within me and to inspire a new confidence in me. I’m very grateful to her for helping me and grateful to BodyTalk as well!  – K.F.


Jackie communicated well with me before our first session and put me at ease, while also acknowledging that Body Talk must ultimately be experienced to be fully understood…just like most worthwhile things in life. In my very first session, key tensions and concerns that had been on my mind and manifesting in my physicality were addressed, and I felt a major release. It left me feeling that Body Talk cuts to the core of things with a lazer-like focus, yet is still gentle; I certainly believe the body innately knows what it can handle. From that point on, for the last several months, I have gone to Jackie for a Body Talk session as often as possible.  I feel that the work has accelerated my growth and evolution regarding career choices and personal relationships in my life, and more generally has contributed greatly to producing a more flexible, stronger, and able body. Jackie in particular has been a competent, caring, and informative guide along the way. I feel Body Talk has been a major factor in continuing the expansion towards more harmony, clarity, and strength in my being. It has also been a powerful reiteration of the innate wisdom and communication systems that exist beneath the surface of our day-to-day consciousness.  – J.D.


“Amazing BodyTalk session! I had the most wonderful session this past week. I was completely amazed at the wealth of knowledge and skill set of my practitioner!!” I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with Jackie over the past six months on personal and professional issues in a profound and deeply significant way.  I feel so grateful to have met Jackie and to work with such a gifted BodyTalk practitioner.  Jackie always listens to my concerns, questions and goals for each session and is always dedicated and willing to explain a concept or clarify any questions no matter how many times I ask.  She never gets frustrated and is very patient, kind hearted and truly dedicated to the quality of each and every session and to the overall wellness of each of her clients.  Jackie always makes sure that I feel comfortable and is a refreshingly sincere practitioner. I will continue to use her services until my body says otherwise!  Thanks Jackie! – Cynthia


“…By the way, I have really noticed reduced fear around some of the topics we tapped out! I’ve been raving about you to all who will listen : ) ” – N.T.


Jackie Sokol is the epitome of a good healer- she uses her considerable gifts in such a clean way. I have been her consistent client for over a year and am so grateful to see the healing unfolding with her help. Thank you, Jackie.  – Carolyn Ota


“My session was insightful and I know I’m benefitting already.  I want to come back to NYC.  I had a magical experience.” – J.W.